Beggars Banquet #009 kicks off in just over three hours in Vancouver’s Chinatown, and we’ve got a special incentive to get everyone down to #213 East Georgia Street before things get too busy!

Our good friends from The Bottleneck will be on hand with complimentary appetizers for the first of our Beggars Banquet family that shows up, and the fantastic folks from R&B Brewing Co are sending over beers to wet your whistle and get you into the shopping spirit.

Head over to the Beggars Banquet Facebook Page and Share the Event to your own space to help us spread the word!

You may remember one of our new Beggars Banquet vendors from her time working door security at The Waldorf - Rhoda used to spend some days (and nights) ensuring we all got in and out of the party in one piece but now she’s on hand making sure we get to the party looking our best.

What we hadn’t realized, and were very excited to discover, is that Rhoda collects and reworks awesome vintage clothing as Shesnot2shabby! We love her reworked denim and vintage rock tees, and her collection of underpinnings and dresses is going to be a hit too.

Come down and say hi to Rhoda and check out her booth as she makes herself comfortable in Chinatown at Beggars Banquet #009 this Friday, April 19th.

DEAD UNION has an eye for vintage and second hand picking that takes a lot of hours of scouring to develop. One of our favourite collections at any Beggars Banquet, his variety and quality picks are insane (pardon the pun in this case…)

Collecting your new favourite vintage shirt, denim, retro rock tee or STRAIGHT JACKET week after week, DEAD UNION always has one of the tables with the most amount of product on hand when we open the doors at Beggars Banquet.

Hit up the DEAD UNION blog before heading down to Chinatown tomorrow night and see if there’s any amazing old vintage baseball tee on there that you can’t live without, and we’ll see you all at Beggars Banquet #009.

Daughters & Sons Clothing is 100% Vancouver. Born, raised and based in the city of glass, their appreciation for vintage fashion has never wavered.

Fusing vintage fabrics with modern design has long been a passion of the Daughters & Sons Clothing team. Each piece from every seasonal collection has been hand tailored in Vancouver, without one item altered in the same.

Daughters & Sons Clothing has been sharing lookbooks online in preparation for their big spring kickoff party this weekend - and will be on hand this Friday as we return to Chinatown for Beggars Banquet #009!

This Friday at Beggars Banquet #009, the design-focussed hunter-gatherers from Twenty-One Tonnes will have you thinking WHITE with all the beautiful natural, undyed, ecru and white collectible decor they’ve recently collected leading into spring & summer on the west coast. 

This small artisanal decor and accessory importing agency sources beautiful pieces from around the world and brings them to Vancouver on their way to finding a home within your heart - new products available this weekend from Twenty-One Tonnes will include beautiful handmade Moroccan stools, ceramic bowls and market baskets - as well as some Twenty-One Tonnes classics like handblown glasses and Turkish hammam towels.

We always find lots of beautiful housewares at the Twenty-One Tonnes booth at Beggars Banquet, and since they missed out last time by being out of town, we’re thrilled to be welcoming them back into the fold this Friday as we return to Chinatown.

See more new items from Twenty-One Tonnes online here, and plan to pick up one of the amazing Moroccon market baskets and filling them up with goodies this Friday at Beggars Banquet #009.

Helen & Vlassis from Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet are looking to pack our Chinatown space to the ceiling with some of the raddest and most varied vintage mens & womenswear this Friday at Beggars Banquet #009.

Straight up Kitsilano Kitty has the closet we wish we had at home: an incredible array of clothing, footwear and accessories starting at $10 and are NWTNWOTVintage and Pre-OwnedUnique, eclectic & eccentric.

Dig deep enough into Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet and you will find vintage Levi’s Jeans, Overalls and Jackets, Fluevog’s, 1950’s lingerie and luxury footwear designers such as Stephane de Raucourt, Dack’s and Cesare Paciotti.

Take a further look into Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet online and plan to load up on some of the most special vintage pieces we’ve ever had on hand at Beggars Banquet as we return this Friday, April 19th in Chinatown!

If Summer Music Festivals are on your mind, ears and heart these days, A Farmer’s Daughter can help you realize your visions for sunshine, music and fun this Friday at Beggars Banquet #009 in Chinatown!

Adding a scoop of sweetness to spring this time around at Beggars Banquet A Farmer’s Daughter is opening up their secret vault for this show only! Get ready for some tomboy style with silk shirts galore, boots, bags and killer jewelry.

Check out more from A Farmer’s Daughter on Etsy and help us spread the word by RSVPing for this Friday’s Beggars Banquet #009 in Chinatown!

Creating quality graphic design and paper goods that celebrate good design for design minded individuals, we’re thrilled to welcome Sarita Mann Design Studio back to Chinatown once again this Friday for Beggars Banquet #009!

Sarita’s beautiful work features her timeless and vintage hand-drawn illustrations paired with sustainable materials and practices. This means using 100% recycled paper and working with a printing facility that holds similar values on all scales of their operations from using alternative power to power their plants and offices, using vegetable inks and upholding a high standard recycling program. This type of production yields less units but results in a more beautiful, unique and special product.

Be sure to stop by and chat with Sarita this Friday at Beggars Banquet - she’s always interested in providing design services ranging from logo design, packaging solutions, personalized stationery, to specialty work like the children’s book she’s currently working on with a Non-Profit and the Vancouver School Board teaching young children about sustainable urban agriculture!

Sarita Mann Design Studio is on Facebook, and will be on hand at Beggars Banquet #009 in Vancouver’s Chinatown!

We are thrilled that Strathcona 1890 Seed Co will be on hand for Beggars Banquet #009 in Chinatowa next Friday, April 19th.

A small, local, family run business Strathcona 1890 Seed Co went into the seed business because they wanted to support their family doing something they could feel good about in a community they love, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Having lived in the Downtown Eastside for over a decade the sight of money thrown at poverty, addiction and homelessness over the years without any sure fix got to be too much. Strathcona 1890 Seed Co aims to add to the programs all ready in place for people in need in this community and help develop a sense of independence, self-confidence and pride amongst the community members right down to the kids at the inner city schools - all through, you guessed it, seeds.

Not only are these seeds organic, open pollinated, heirloom, and non GMO, a portion of all profits from sales go right back into creating and implementing programs where inner city school children can plant and harvest their own “crops”.

Spring is rolling along beautifully on the west coast, and if you haven’t all ready planted a window garden in your condo or a secret organic farm in your backyard, swing by the Strathcona 1890 Seed Co table at Beggars Banquet #009 next Friday, April 19th and let them help you get started.

Read and learn more about Strathcona 1890 Seed Co Online